Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do you know J.T. & Angela?

With their recent entry into the world of Fine Art the persons formerly known as Jeff & Lorraine have adopted new noms de plume, as it were. You will see them referred to hereinafter as J.T. Burke and his woman, Angela. Why? Well, that's a good question, one that Angela keeps asking J.T.

You must understand that the world of Fine Art is a very strange and mysterious place, one that our intrepid emerging artists have yet to fully comprehend. It's filled with interesting personalities and cool artists with mysterious lives. Edgy parties. Homes filled with cool art. Trade publications that use big words in mysterious combinations with (presumably) deep meaning. J.T. and his woman, Angela, want to fit in.

What better way to fit into a strange and mysterious place than to adopt mysterious new identities themselves? And why stop with just the names? J.T. Burke and his woman, Angela, have adopted a whole new look (shown above), they've adorned their bodies with colorful neck-to-ankle tattoos (also shown above - boy, did that smart!) and they have a new set of friends. Well, not exactly new, just newly named much like the artists themselves. These days they don't hang with their friends - they hang with the Posse. If you are reading this then, more likely than not, you're one of the Posse. Congratulations.

And, of course, they very mysteriously refer to themselves in the third person. A good touch, non? (French phrases also add to the mystique, n'est-ce pas? )

Obviously, this strategem (a word bandied around quite a bit in the trade pubs) is paying off. Please note the picture above in which J.T. and his woman, Angela, seem to be not only blissfully happy but have also attracted a new member to the Posse.