Saturday, January 30, 2010

Portfolio Presentations at Review LA

J.T. Burke would like to thank the following individuals for their time and thoughtful comments reviewing his recent work at Center's Review LA, held in conjunction with Photo LA:

Walter Mason
, Haggerty Museum of Art
Dr. Claudia Bohn-Spector
, Curator of art (and fellow South Pasadena resident)
Carol LeFlufy, Eye Forward
Andy Adams, Flak Photo
Kathleen Clark, Clark | Oshin Gallery
Shelley de Soto
, de Soto Gallery
Mark DiPrima, Zane Bennett Contemporary Art.

He appreciates their comments, such as
"Peculiar – in a good way," which echoed those made by Mr. Burke's mother many years earlier. Another thoughtfully asked "Why are you here? This is a photography event." A good question, as Mr. Burke's images involve photography only at the very beginning of the creative process, and he does not consider this work to be photography. Still, J.T. Burke's jaded commercial photo past hangs over him like a wet trench coat and he remains close to the medium, though not officially a practitioner of it.

The reviewers were generous with their praise, especially those that commented on the unique process and painterly qualities of the work. They offered thoughtful insights and suggested various angles for penetrating the art establishment. Nearly all of the reviewers touched on the topic of writing about the work, inspiring this blog post. Being a man of mystery, however, J.T. Burke cannot say much about the art directly, nor can he postulate when or where his next communication will come from.


Beautiful Mask II
December, 2009