Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Little Bee" at Auction for The Art of Elysium

J.T. Burke is pleased to announce that his work "Little Bee Travels to the Beautiful Bright Glow" (#1/8) will be auctioned at the Art of Elysium's "Pieces of Heaven" charity event on Thursday, March 4 at Christie's in West Hollywood. Mr. Burke is humbled to be in the company of Shepard Fairey, Garry Winogrand, the Clayton brothers, Ed Moses, Herb Ritts, Russell Young and other artists who also have works included in this very worthy charity event. Download the catalog for a complete view of the works at auction.

Interested in attending? Contact Natasha at the Art of Elysium for an invitation, which is the only way in the door that night.

Also at auction will be Deanna Dikeman's "Red Sweaters." J.T. and Deanna spent an evening side-by-side last month at Review LA's public showing. Using his typical vernacular panache, J.T. throws a shout-out to his Review table homey.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dapper Duo at the Art of Elysium's Heaven 2010

Sooner than he had expected, J.T. Burke returns to the blogosphere to report that he and Ms. Angela recently donned their black-tie best – including J.T.'s favorite felt hat – and ventured to the far western edges of Beverly Hills to attend this year's Heaven event presented by The Art of Elysium. Ms. Angela was, as she is at these events, lovely to behold.

Note the tension in the faces of the paparazzi 
as the creative couple approaches.

Inauspiciously hosted in a Shepard Fairy-papered parking garage at the site of the Golden Globe Awards, the dinner and music performance was attended by Hollywood celebrities and business types and various other black-clad glitterati. J.T. and Angela took full advantage of their new-found status as artists to walk the red carpet and mingle and hob-nob with the crowd, but mostly they got celebrity names and gossip from the catering staff. 

Hosting the event in a parking structure took moxie.

The Art of Elysium is a charititable organization that provides art therapy for seriously sick kids in hospitals in Los Angeles and, just recently, in New York. Jennifer Howell is the founder and CEO and over the past decade has created an organization that provides countless hours of art practice and performance for kids who would otherwise spend some very long days in their hospital rooms. Ms. Angela is a proud AoE volunteer artist working at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and The City of Hope.

The artists J.T. Burke and his woman, Angela, support The Art of Elysium.  J.T. has provided framed works for an upcoming benefit auction. Previous auctions have been held at Christie's in Beverly Hills, though this year's auction details remain, as yet, unannounced. J.T. Burke will keep you, the Posse, informed of the deets as they become available.