Friday, March 26, 2010

"Beautiful Ball of Life"

The stylus finally drops from his shaking hand as JT Burke lifts his head and squints into the glare of the monitor before him. "It is done," he murmurs. The 6 week endeavor that is his newest opus lay before him. But what to call it? 

For a while longer he contemplates the 12 gigabyte image that has evolved ever so slowly, shifting and forming and evolving daily. The creation of this little universe has caused him joy and consternation, delight and despair. But now he sees only the bubbling effervescence of manufactured life the he has cobbled together. "A ball of life. It's beautiful. A Beautiful Ball of Life." And so it is.

 "Beautiful Ball of Life"  – March 2010
Approximately 64" x 48"

Though Mr. Burke is pleased to have completed this large scale work he regrets that it will not available for viewing at the upcoming gallery show on April 3. It's proper public unveiling will have to wait until Saturday, May 1 when BurkeTriolo Studio hosts an open studio and jazz stage as part of the South Pasadena Music Fest. Details forthcoming.