Monday, March 15, 2010

NY Art Fairs 2010

JT and Angela winged it to a chilly NYC last week to take in the annual Armory Art Show and satellite fairs. Lured by a dizzying display of art at numerous venues, the traveling twosome exited the aircraft and dove into their cab seats, strapped on their safety belts and hung on for the wild ride into Manhattan. Adrenaline levels pumped, they were ready for NY Art Week 2010.

Careful planning. Frequent espresso breaks. Determination. The daring duo manged to eyeball their way through 6 different fairs and the Whitney Bienniel. Bravely traversing the isles – lingering in some, dashing through others, occasionally engaging the dealers and rarely resting  – the courageous couple continued on with their daily discoveries and retreated only after the last show lights had dimmed and cocktails were finally being served.

Some thoughts:

Michael Jackson's continued presence in the world of contemporary art is inescapable. It borders on annoying.
• The scent of money was thick in the air at the ADAA Art Show at the Park Avenue Armory. A blue chip mix of modernist and contemporary works attracted groups of wealthy buyers and their attendants to the upper east-side digs. Watching the patrons was nearly as good as the art.
• At that same show, the couple especially appreciated the permanent signs to the "Newly Remodeled Restrooms" which seemed, ironically, as if they had been in the building quite a while.
Not all grilled pulpo is equal in Tribecca - Thalassa's was wonderful.

JT thinks this creature looks like a "Rufus." Ms. Angela isn't so sure. 
Tell them what you think.
• The Armory show at piers 92 and 94 felt immense. Great works, artists and dealers. The rickety stairwell between the piers was an adventurous climb. 
• Pulse and Volta were good shows with distinctive contemporary galleries that the pair prefers. 
• Verge Fair: nice people but mostly a waste of time. JT and Angela are pretty done with artwork shown in small hotel rooms. Used to be cool at Miami Basel but even they are done with it now. Not worth the 10 smackolas each for entry.
• Sorry to be negative about that last one. As M.J. (see above) would say, "Art should be about L-O-V-E love."
Among thier fav's at the Whitney Bienniel, J.T. discovered Roland Flexnor and Jim Lutes, and was happy to see Robert Williams, the father of lowbrow, included in the selection. Angela noticed Storm Tharp, Pae White.
 • JT continues to insist on the window seat; "why wouldn't you want that view?" Fortunately, Ms. Angela continues to prefer the aisle, which is probably one of the reasons that they were able to celebrate 25 married years during this trip.