Monday, May 17, 2010

MusicFest 2010 at BurkeTriolo

SouthPas MusicFest and Eclectic ArtWalk 2010 at BurkeTriolo Studio.

Ms. Angela with Friends Tim, Simon & Ellen.

J.T. with friend and fellow local artist Valerio Ventura (left)

...and being interviewed by someone 
with a camera and a microphone.

J.T. Burke enjoys festive events, good music and the opportunity to show his newest work. What he doesn't enjoy, however, is making blog entries (mostly because he is lazy at heart), which probably explains why it's taken two weeks to mention the very cool South Pasadena Music Festival and Eclectic Artwalk which your hosts J.T. and Angela were proud to present at their Mission Street studio.

For the second consecutive year BurkeTriolo Studio was the home of the jazz stage, this year hosted by K-jazz, 88.something. The studio garden was filled with the lush sounds of brass and bass and groovin' tunes. And being the neighborhood event that it was many of their friends and neighbors turned out to enjoy a beer, chat with the locals and take in the the newest works by the proprietors.

Thanks to all who attended and especially those who worked it: Scott, Laurie and Walter for organizing;  musicians and their bands: Eliott Caine, Mark Hatch, Tim Gill and Wonk; Chief Dan, Cathy and the Rotarians for working the door and bar, young Mr. Burke for his efforts – when he wasn't chatting up the guests; and as usual, Tenacious Taesam for his ever-present camera and the event pictures.