Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Video from Barcelona

Ms. Angela has put her video editing skills to good use cutting together some snips from the Barcelona opening. It feels just like you're there, fireworks and all. At the end, a few moments of Spain's win of the World Cup, which the creative couple were lucky enough experience live in Barcelona.

Monday, July 12, 2010

"Beautiful Again" Tour Launches in Barcelona

J.T. and Angela are pleased to report a succesful start to the "Beautiful Again" tour at the Hotel Estela Barcelona in lovely Sitges, Spain. Opening night included lots of guests, a "J.T. Burke" dinner menu, fireworks on the beach in honor of the occasion and projected graphics on the buiding exterior. These, Cataláns... go all out for the event. 

There were speeches and conversations in mixed Spanish and Catalán tongues that, though mostly unintelligible to your artists, must have been quite complimentary as the crowd applauded enthusiastically. 

The most awkward moment of the night came at the end of Mr. Burke's speech to the assembled crowd when he ended with the comment "...and for the World Cup – Viva España!" The crowd stared back at him silently. Hotel manager Joan Carles then whispered in his ear "Viva FC Barcelona," which Mr. Burke quickly repeated – to the enthusiastic cheer of the room. International crisis averted.

Most gratifying moment of the night was that the largest image in the show, "Beautiful Ball of Life," sold almost immediatly upon the start of the event. A good omen  for the show that runs the entire summer in this Hotel del Arte.
 J.T. Burke with Catalán artists Ricardo Moraga, Josep Puigmarti and Pepa Poch. 
J.T. with exhibition organizer and European agent Richard Scarry.