Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beautiful ParadiseLand at Glass Garage Gallery

I'm very pleased to announce the first exhibition of the Beautiful Again series in Los Angeles.
Please join me for champagne, cupcakes and visions of utopian bliss at 
the opening of
 "Beautiful ParadiseLand"
 Saturday, November 5th, 6pm

Owner/director Henry Lien and I are both very excited about working together and producing a great show. I'll be displaying some new works that have been in the making over the past year. New titles include "Little Pig Considers The Beautiful Gibberish," (at top) "A Beautiful Day In The Park " (above) and "A View From The Other Side" (below), "Beautiful Poodle And A Mountain of Angry Cats," (bottom) and more. The exhibition runs through December 30th.