Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yoze Spring Summer 2014 Collection project

This past April I was approached by Miguel Rodriguez, the creative director for clothing brand Yoze. Together with the brand owner and creator, Dr. Davin Odia,  Miguel was planning a spring/summer women's line using my images on the fabric. We worked at my studio manipulating and colorizing some  compositions from the Beautiful Again series. The line debuted last night during Concept at Quixote studios in West Hollywood. It was really stunning to see my works as both soft texture and bold design element draped over willowy models parading the runway.

Sketches for the Spring line
Miguel is a gentleman and a pleasure to work with. He has assembled a marvelous team that pulled together the entire line in a short time. The clothing is bright and sparkly, and the team are all to be commended for such an outstanding creative product.
J.T. Burke and Miguel Rodriguez