Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Beautiful Day At The Office

Yesterday we installed the mural I've been working on in the lobby at 99 Pasadena Ave. The title became obvious only after I had hung it and could see it in its setting; A Beautiful Day At The Office. The mural panels that I printed in my studio thankfully fit well onsite. The installation is permanent.

This project began last October when I started a new composition with no specific purpose in mind. It grew and morphed and eventually became a mural for the office lobby. I worked on this through March, finessing the fine bits for a long time.  Eventually I got tired of looking at it and put it away for a while.

Technology and my own creative process conspire to deny me a clear signal of when an image is finished; I rarely work from a layout, I can edit backwards and forward repeatedly and can always zoom in just a little more to endlessly refine the details. So who knows when it's finished? Tedium – or lack of any remaining empty space in the composition – often determine the moment of completion.

I showed a 10' high version of this at the Photo Independent fair in Hollywood in May, and with public support as my guide I finally decided that I had finished and it was time to print and hang. And so I have. Early word from the tenants is positive. I hope it brightens their outlook daily. I look forward to installing more murals in that building over the coming months.

Thanks to my paper installer Elliott Mazur and his key grip Juan Carlos. They do excellent work. Also kudos to my Epson 9800 printer from 2006. That machine is a champ.

Wall before
...and after
In the studio just after printing
Epson 9800 - slowly chugging away

The final image; 13Gb, 266 layers