Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Paradise Circus – Blessed Circus Posters

The loudest, most fun and colorful part of the Paradise Circus installation are the posters covering the exterior. Circus acts including Jezebel the Holy Cow, Karmi the Hirsute Hindoo and Jinn and her 72 Flying Virgins are advertised from the walls. 

The themes are an irreverent poke at traditional mythology. I created the make-believe concepts using inspirations from Paradise Lostthe Book of Revelations, Richard Dawkins, Taschen's large tomes The Circus and Magic, the art of Danté, Hieronymus Bosch, early 20th century poster art, and as always, Dr. Seuss.

As I write this, the exterior art designs are mostly complete. I just printed the first panel at full size onto the wallpaper material, more to print soon.

"Angels, Angels, Angels. Watch a multitude of Heavenly Host all Dance on the Head of a Pin. How do they do it?Featuring the Four Choirs of Angels arrayed in all nine orders.Try to Count them all!"

"See the Son of the Devil and his Dip of Death.'Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven.'He's Fireproof!" 

"You deserve to see The Amazing Jinn and her 72 Flying Virgins"
"Direct from the OrientKarmi the Hirsuite Hindoo and his Amazing Act of Reincarnation.'There's Always Another Chance'."

"Alive! Often Mentioned but Rarely SeenJezebelle the Holy Cow.A Blessed Bovine of Prodigious Proportion.