Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Paradise Circus – The Steeple & Banners

The Paradise Circus is a mash-up of confession booth, cathedral steeple and circus tent. At least, that's my intention. The structure is designed so that the roof is very tall, resembling a church steeple but with all the eye-catching merriment of a circus or carnival. The steeple exteriors are mostly complete as I write this. 

Attached to the peak of the steeple will be canvas banners with images advertising more of the make-believe circus acts. My favorites so far: "The Four Horsemen – Together! See them leap the Burning Bush" and "Heretics Burned Daily!" 

Original rendering

Near-completed steeple images

Follow along with me and the team for the next 50 days by bookmarking this blog or following us on Facebook as we produce this project right up to opening night. And please join us at the Los Angeles Convention Center January 14-18 to see and experience the completed Circus.