Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Paradise Circus – Original soundtrack by Mocean Worker

Mocean Worker. I knew his music years ago from KCRW before I ever met him. Imagine my surprise when he called me up out of the blue soon after relocating to South Pasadena from NYC. Kindred souls are bound to meet I suppose.

When I started this project he was the obvious choice for a collaborator to create the perfect Soundtrack to Paradise. And so he has. The working title is Angus Dei Tuvan Bali Calliope, and it sounds just like that. It's got boys choir, strings, Balinese Gamelan, Tuvan Singers, whale noises, harps and a calliope. It will play inside the Paradise structure during the show. Check it out.

Soundtrack: Angus Dei Tuvan Bali Calliope

Mocean Worker and me in his studio. Besides working with me on the Circus,
he's done years of projects for films and TV including Breaking Bad, Disney,
a host of commercials and his own published music. The man has range.