Monday, January 26, 2015

The Paradise Circus at the LA Art Show

The Paradise Circus Los Angeles 2015 at the LA Art Show was a unique opportunity for me to don the fez and bust out my inner ringmaster. Nearly 3,000 people knelt to behold my version of Paradise during a very busy 5 day run at the LA Convention Center. Shana Dambrot graciously co-hosted my Saturday afternoon artist talk to assembled friends and passersby. Thanks to all who came out for that.

Opening night time-lapse.

Creating, assembling and showing this work was a great experience. Thanks and praises to all who helped me to realize this, including:

James Peterson and David Paris of Art and Contraptions for masterful construction,
The artist known as Mocean Worker for a haunting tune that was surprisingly listenable,
Peter Mays of the LA Art Association for being such a strong promoter of my work,
Kim and Allison from the LA Art Show for providing me with show real estate,
Kristine Schomaker of Shoebox PR for getting the message out,
Lici Koch for determined and elegant needlework,
Barbie, Neal, Tina, Steph and Eric from LAAA for their long days helping out at the booth,
Marla and Dylan for their help and support with this and all my projects,
Lorraine for help with this and all the other things.