Friday, February 5, 2016

Fabulosus Fabularus – a monument of inventive mythology

Scale rendering of the 18' tall monument topped with the winged golden pig.

I'm pleased to present Fabulosus Fabularus, an 18' tall installation that is a monument to nothing real. It will be exhibited at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair February 11-14 in the lobby of the Palm Springs Convention Center. It's my largest and most ambitious installation to date.

I'm writing this days before we apply the finish, wrap it, pack it, truck it across the desert and eventually assemble it for the first time at the fair. I'm confident we won't drop it anywhere along the journey. Everything's going according to plan, thanks in large part to my friend and builder, James Peterson of Art & Contraptions. He has my back building the structure and rigs and arranging the logistics.

Tube on its custom-welded trailer. 
Top cap with unpainted pig.

Fresh printed wallpaper draped over the tube.

Builder James Peterson of Art & Contraptions

The project was proposed last October, and the art was created November through January. Our big cardboard Sonnotube, and the custom welded trailer rig I created to tote it around, has been hanging around the studio for six weeks. It's very satisfying to see the project finally coming together.

Installation materials for this project include a cardboard construction tube, CNC-milled plywood wood, rolled aluminum, fiberglass-reinforced castings, paint  and custom-printed wallpaper. The work was created at the artist’s studio in South Pasadena, CA for the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair 2016.

Detail (sunrise)

Detail (angel battle)

Detail (cyclops angel)