Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Murals at 99 Pasadena Ave

A couple of years ago I installed a mural in the lobby at 99 Pasadena Avenue.  I spent weeks building this image, adding more and more detail.

This piece got installed back in 2015. The plan original has always been to wallpaper the entire public area of the building with my work, but other projects continually get in the way. This year I have no solo shows planned and I decided not to show at any art fairs so that I can focus on making new work.

Beginning in January, unencumbered with other big projects and armed with my new solvent printer (that can print on wall paper and exterior vinyls) I'm finally back on mural art for the building, inside and out.

• • •

I started by installing the wall paper panels originally created for last summer's show at Gallery 825, "The Divine."  I had handled them very carefully so that they could be reused and permanently installed in a very long, blank, 65' hallway in the building.

After those were installed, I moved into the front lobby and installed new work, freshly printed on my new 64" solvent printer, that were designed specifically for the space. First we put up a large header. The piece has no title, but the primary image element is the Naga Kanya brass figurine that I got last year.

Next came the ceiling. I had created that image over a year ago but let it sit on my computer until the time was right. 

Over the week of the installation I whipped up another wall section that was glaringly empty. It gave the lobby a more complete feel.